HT/FT Half Time/Full Time Betting Explained

Some betting markets are more complicated than others.

However, if properly understood, the HT/FT betting market can be used to maximize both your betting profits and chances of success.

What is Half Time/ Full Time betting?

What this market essentially does is combine two other popular markets – the Full Time market and the Half Time market. As a punter, you’re trying to predict the result at the 45-minute mark, and at the end of the match. To win an HT/FT bet, you must get both of these right.

Each of these two has three possible options: that the home team will be leading/win, that the away team will be leading/win, and that the score will be a draw. Combined in an HT/FT bet, this gives you nine possible outcomes. In this list, the first part represents the Half Time score, while the second represents the Full Time result:

  1. Home Lead – Home Win
  2. Home Lead – Draw
  3. Home Lead – Away Win
  4. Draw – Home Win
  5. Draw – Draw
  6. Draw – Away Win
  7. Away Lead – Away Win
  8. Away Lead – Draw
  9. Away Lead – Home Win

How To Bet on Half Time/Full Time?

Depending on which of these options you go for, Half Time/Full Time betting can have several different uses.

Options 1 and 7 are essentially a classic 1X2 bet, only you extend your bet to include the half-time result in order to increase the betting odds and thus your potential profits. These are relatively safe HT/FT bet options for one-sided affairs, but you should definitely keep in mind that the chances of success are still smaller than a straight 1X2 bet.

Option 5 works pretty much the same, only for a draw result. Ideally, you want to use these in matches which will likely end in 0-0. In such cases, an HT/FT bet is basically a free odds boost.

Options 2, 5, and 8 are fairly risky. With an HT/FT X/1 bet, for example, you’re hoping for a score upset in the second half of the game. Ideally, that would mean a match with 0-0 on half time, which ends up with the home team. Hoping for anything more complicated is way too risky for a reliable Half Time/Full Time prediction.

With that in mind, options 3 and 9 are even worse. Hoping for a major upset in the middle of the game, like an HT/FT 1/2 bet, has incredibly low chances of success in reality. Novice punters should stay away from these in most cases.

Half Time/ Full Time Betting Tips

If it looks like correct HT/FT bet predictions are hard to make accurately – that’s because they are. This market has a lot of moving parts and factors to consider, but can be one of the most rewarding types of bets.

That’s why Bet Guru VIP is here – we’ll do these HT/FT calculations so you don’t have to. To get the best daily predictions, consult our HT/FT betting tips and start winning.

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