You are currently viewing Daily Booster Betting Tips – The Only VIP Betting Tips With Money Back Guarantee

Daily Booster Betting Tips – The Only VIP Betting Tips With Money Back Guarantee

The Daily Booster Betting Tips is a new daily VIP betting selection by BetGuruVIP that guarantees to grow your betting bankroll or you get your full refund back.
We so much trust the method that we are promising to refund your full subscription if we fail.
Our initial 3 months of internal testing proved its success. Then over the past 3 months, it has also worked with a select group of VIP beta testers.

How does Daily Booster Betting Tips work?

Similar to our other betting tips, we will post just 3 games every day, and each comes with a different betting market option to stake.
  1. As with our other betting system, if the first game fails, you increase the stake in the next game, etc, until you win. But in this case, the winning rate is much much better.
  2. With this Daily Booster Betting strategy, you can determine the amount you want to win daily.

The Difference with other Betting Strategies

The difference between the Daily Booster Betting strategy and others is that you are assured of winning on a daily basis.
Another difference is that the amount of money you have to stake is not static. It depends on your target profit and the odds for the game in your chosen bookmaker.

How does Daily Booster work?

Here are the steps to using the Daily Booster Betting strategy:
1. You determine the amount you want to win daily (Be moderate because the amount you want to win will determine the amount of bankroll you will start with)
2. Our system will calculate the amount of money you will set aside as backup money and also the amount of your stake per game.
3. Every day, we will post 3 games in the Daily Booster member area for members to stake, and also the betting market to use. You go to the member area, locate the Daily Booster calculator and add the game odds given by your bookmaker. Then our calculator will tell you the amount to stake, so you meet your daily profit.
4. If you win, great! Means you have met your daily target already. But if it fails (this is rare), then you go back to the member area and add the next game odds, etc. The system will then give you the amount to stake to enable you to hit your daily win target.
5. You can stake the games with any bookmaker you wish, online or offline in betting shops. Example Bet365

How does the Refund Guarantee Work?

You can read more about the refund guarantee here.

What is the Daily Booster Subscription Fee?

1 week   – $35
2 weeks  – $40
1 month – $70
To subscribe, click here now to navigate to our VIP payment page and focus on Daily Booster Betting Tips.

What Are The Payment Options?

For now, we accept the following payment options, (more will be added soon):
Credit/ Debit Card (Yes)
Crypto/ Bitcoin (Yes)
Skrill (Yes)
PayPal (No)
Payoneer (No)

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