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Cash Out Betting Strategy: How To Avoid Losing In Sports Betting

Cash-out betting strategy has become one of the most risk-free strategies professional punters can rely on when betting. With the knowledge of the risks involved in gambling, this strategy ensures bettors against loss. Betfair invented the tool in 2011 and rolled out on their odds sportsbook in 2013. Today, this strategy has gained widespread adoption by bookmakers. Besides acting as a buffer against loss, cash-out makes betting more entertaining and endears bettors to a bookmaker.

In this article, we are going to address what cashing out is, the different strategies; how to make money with this strategy, how you can calculate it, and the pro and cons. We will also examine the best cashout sites, tricks, and alternatives. With this information in your hand, we assure you of minimal to zero losses in sports betting. It is yet one more reason we are the best betting prediction website. Now let’s get to it!


What Is Cash-Out Betting Strategy in Sports Betting?

To put it literally, cash out means ‘to cash’ or to ‘pull out’. The Telegraph established that Cash-out betting strategy is the option to halt your bet before the betting event has ended. It is an option that allows the bettor to cash-in or pulls out a part of his stake, depending on the progress or expected outcome of the game. It serves as a cushion between winning a bet and losing it all.

When you do this, the bookmarker automatically calculates the amount of the cashout according to the turnout of the event. It is the preemptive measure put in place to discourage loss in sports betting.

The Cashout Betting Strategy

There are three methods of cashing out betting: Partial, Complete or Total, and Auto Cash-out.

Partial Cash Out

Partial Cash Out is a choice that, depending on each situation listed above, helps you to recover part of your stake or your winnings. You will determine what percentage of CashOut you want to gain from on certain sports betting sites. 

This method allows a bettor to cash out a part of his bet, say 20-50 percent of the share, and leave the rest to run. This option is only available on bet365.

Complete or Total cash-out

While Partial cash-out gives you have the option of withdrawing 20 percent, 40 percent, or 50 percent of your share, the Complete CashOut, by comparison, means that the insurance operates on the entire stake.

Auto cash-out

This is a fantastic tool that allows the bettor to set a particular threshold to which this event will automatically trigger even while you are not online. You can use this method jointly with partial cash-out as discussed above.

How To Make Money With Cash Out Betting Strategy

Cash out strategy helps you profit early when most of your stakes are ticking, or pull some of your stakes back if the odds are going against your favor. Two events can trigger you to Cashing Out:

To Minimize Your Chances of Losing

Let’s look at a probable scenario where this can happen:

You bet $30 on a victory for Arsenal on the Everton home soil, with appealing odds of 4.00, i.e. a win of 4 x 30 = $120. Unfortunately, the Gunners are down by 2-0 at halftime and you are questioning your expectation.

Doubtful about a positive outcome, you then made the bold move to save the stake by taking the $10 cashout offered by the bookmaker at the 46th minute. The sum is negligible, but you have at least recovered a fraction of the original bet you made. Finally, Everton won 2-0, and you’re very glad to be playing the insurance game. 

You get back an amount smaller than your original bet in this situation, but you are happy that you did not lose all.

To Secure Your Win

In this second scenario, you are betting $20 on a match between Barcelona and Juventus. Your bet is at 2.00 odds for a Barcelona win. You can get $20 x 2 = $40 if you win. 

Initially, Barca is leading with 2 goals. However, in the 65th minute of play, Juventus equalizes and is very much threatening on the attack. You are afraid that before the end, Juventus will equalize. So you trigger the Cashing Out offering of $30. You immediately pocket this amount and you have nothing else to fear from your bet, even if Juventus eventually equalized. Similarly, you are no longer bothered if Barca holds its place or not, as you would have earned your money already. Though your win is lower than expected, it is also higher than your stake.

How Is Cashing Out Calculated?

You can calculate the value of your cash out immediately after you place your bet, based on several variables unique to your bet, event, and selection. The following factors come into play when calculating your cash-out value:

  • Staked amounts;
  • The price at the time of making the bet; and
  • At the time of CashOut, the current price.

Please note that during the event, your cash-out value will adjust as the market odds increase and decrease.

If You Are Cashing Out on Non-Live Market or Future Event:

As the event approaches, the final Cashing Out Value will take the adjustments in Odds into account and continue to update until the event ends or you want to cash it out.

If You Are Cashing Out on Live Market:

As the event approaches and during the live event, the final Cash-Out Value will take the changes in Odds into account and continue to revise until the event ends or you want to cash it out.

Pros and Cons of Cash-out Betting Strategy

Since we have discussed extensively the ins-and-outs of cash out betting, now let’s inspect the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the Cashout Feature

It guarantees you more control over the turn of the event in order to avoid surprises

You can secure more wins by cashing out while the events favor you.

It is relatively easy to use, with options of partial, complete, and auto cashout.

Disadvantages of the Cash out Feature

By using this feature, you risk sacrificing your potential wins, supposing that the events suddenly turn out your favor.

On using this option, you eventually lose the value attached to those events you wagered on.

All bookmakers want to make money, however, the cash out feature might also pose some losses to them. To mitigate this, they might likely restrict you from enjoying certain benefits such as promotions and bonuses.

Should You CashOut Your Bet?

So, we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the cash-out feature, the next questions are: when should you use the CashOut betting strategy and when should you not?

i. When To Cash-Out

During the match, we have to confirm a cash-out most of the time, but it is possible to do so before kick-off. This can be of interest if a team’s top scorer picks injury a few hours before the start of the match, for instance. In this scenario, even though you trigger the feature a few minutes after Bookmakers have reported the bet, a pre-match cancellation also has a cost and you can systematically get back less than your stake.

Therefore, Cash Out only when:

  • When you think there is an offer of good value in the cash out.
  • If there’s a significant amount of money on the line and you don’t want to risk losing it, go for this option.
  • When you are when you desperately need a win, this option might be for you.

ii. When Not To Use Cash Out Betting Strategy

  • Avoid using fear in making hasty decisions concerning your wager. Gambling is not for the feeble-minded, take the bold step, and stick by your decision. You calculated the risk of losing your whole stake before you put the bet, either before the start of the event or in-play, and decided it was worth it.
  • The game is in progress, so something can happen at any moment. You can, however, take some time to measure your winnings before you CashOut and whether cashing out is worth it. It’s going to take a few seconds, maybe even minutes. Even if the opponents score and you lose your wager, because of the strain of the match, it’s better to miss unprofitable cash out than to make hasty decisions.

The Best Cashing-Out Betting Sites 

There are many sites that offer Cash-Out, let’s examine the top best-betting sites:

These sites offer additional exquisite features such as 1.000+ live events daily, 95% payout on top leagues, Cashout, 50+ sports, Cards & Corners, Edit my bet, 10.000 live events per month, Bet Builder

Alternatives To Cash-Out Betting Strategy

There are other powerful alternatives to cash-out markets which include; Value Bets, Both Teams to Score BTTS, Accumulator Bets, Goal in Both Halves, Match Result 1×2, Correct Score, Double Chance, Next Team to Score, Half Time/ Full Time, First Half/ Second Half Result, Asian Handicap, Over/Under betting strategy, Outright Markets and the Number of Teams to Score. Others are Full Time Draw (X), Draw No Bet, and other sports betting strategies.

If you are confused about the numerous options, yet need a steady winning strategy, then offers an exceptional VIP No-Loss Betting System that helps bettors to win consistently and make a living in sports betting.

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