Asian Handicap Betting Guide – Explanations & Tips

In terms of betting, there are always three possibilities when betting on the result of a match. You can bet on the team more likely to win – the favourite, on a draw, or the team less likely to win – the underdog. Odds are there to make all options reasonably attractive. However, if you consider statistics, betting on the underdog – and often on a draw – is rarely a good idea.

That’s what Asian Handicaps are for.

What is an Asian Handicap in football betting?

In order to level the playing field, Asian Handicaps apply a positive or negative score to a team before the match even begins.

You should note that with Asian Handicap soccer betting, a draw is not a possible outcome. In most cases, if the final scores are equal, the bettor gets their full stake returned to them. That’s also the reason why this betting option is popular, as it eliminates the possibility of the third outcome.

When it comes to different types of Asian Handicaps to consider, there are two main variations.

  • Half goal handicaps (0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc)
  • Whole goal handicaps (0, 1, 2 etc)

The first type completely eliminates the possibility of a draw. As such, a winner of half-goal handicap bet is always clearly distinguished. However, when it comes to whole-goal handicaps, a draw after the margin has been taken into account will result in all bets being refunded.

How big the Asian Handicap score adjustment is depends on how big of an advantage one team has got over another. For example, A small difference in perceived team strength carries a small adjustment of +/-0.5. This can be any number, though, a half-goal of a whole-goal: +/-1.5, +/-2.5; +/-2, +/- 3 etc.

What does a 0.25 Asian Handicap mean?

This kind of bet is called a Split Asian Handicap and Asian Quarter Bet. It is often used in cases where the difference between the two teams is harder to determine. Basically, it means that you are splitting your stake into two bets combined into one.

With a Split Asian Handicap you get more possible betting outcomes to consider.

  • Win
  • Half Loss
  • Half Win

For example, a 0.25 Asian Handicap splits the stake between a 0 handicap (i.e. no score adjustment) and +0.5, as discussed above. The stronger side will be given a -0.25 handicap on top of their final score. In such cases, it is possible to win or lose half your stake. In this particular example, if the match ends in a draw, the punter can win half the stake. How?

Think of it this way: for the +0 part of this bet, you get your money back in case of a draw, as per normal Asian Handicap bet rules.

According to the +0.5 part, though, you would win because the team you supported had their score increased. So, as a compromise, half of your stake is returned, and half is treated as if it won.

How to calculate Asian Handicap odds

The math required for this market makes Asian Handicap predictions notoriously hard to determine. There are entire Asian Handicap odds charts used to for this, but here’s a simple tip to make it easier.

Adjust the handicap until the bookmaker gives you odds of around 2.0, or 1/1. This means either outcome has a roughly 50% chance of happening. Use this number as a baseline to understand how likely other adjusted outcomes are to come true.

Alternatively, you can use an Asian Handicap odds calculator. Combine such tools with Bet Guru VIP’s Asian Handicap betting tips to get the most out of this market.

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