About BetGuruVIP.com

BetGuruVIP.com is a leading Professional Betting Prediction website that uses self-learning Artificial Intelligence with mathematical probability distribution model, backed by experienced tipsters to predict highly accurate betting tips. Supported by over 10 years of historical soccer data, our bet tips get more accurate every day.

BetGuruVIP.com – Best Betting Tips

Based in London, UK, our team is here to prove to you that its possible to earn big money from sports betting. Join our VIP, maintain discipline, and in the long run, you will be profitable. We call it easy money for you. and a nice job for us doing what we love best.

Why Our Betting Predictions Are More Accurate

We are able to predict more accurate betting tips that are used to win bets because of various important facets that we bring together. While other acclaimed tipsters depend on just one of these means of getting results, we combine them all, and this has ensured that our predictions are highly accurate and ensures quick and easy return on investment.

1. Self Learning Artificial Intelligence System

This is clearly what sets us apart from the crowd. We have put in a lot of resources, involved the right approaches, models, and methods to come up with an Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning system that teaches itself to predict soccer results more accurately day by day. It is backed by over 10 years of soccer data.

This is the first step where we subject all the matches for a given day. The machine checks all the matches that use its algorithm and then come up with probabilities that are of very high quality.

2. Our First Line Soccer Tipsters

After the matches for a given period are predicted by our Machine Learning Prediction System, the betting prediction is then forwarded to our first level tipsters. These are three tipsters with an average of 3 years experience each in betting predictions.

They are required to bring in human understanding to further scrutinize the predictions carried out by the computer system. At this stage, they do 2 things:

i. Any game that is confusing and whose probabilities are not satisfactory is totally removed.

ii. Any possible oversight mistaken prediction by the computer is over-ruled and a second prediction placed side-by-side for further scrutiny.

3. Our Most Experienced Football Tipsters

This is the final step before our betting tips are released to the VIP public. It consists of another set of 3 highly experienced tipsters with an average of 9 years in sports betting prediction.

They go through the tips sent by the first line tipsters and correct any unforeseen tips, remove any questionable games, and ensure only reliable matches are released to the VIP public. Also, any matches they feel maybe possibly open to fixing are removed.

The final outcome is a highly probable set of betting tips that are then released to various levels of our betting prediction website visitors to use in placing their bets.

4. Our Little Secrets

Every successful venture keeps some secrets. We are not different. During stage 3, there are some secrets which we are unable to mention here. That plays a big part in ensuring we keep getting highly correct betting predictions always.