How 1X2 Betting in Football Works

Our experts at Bet Guru VIP work tirelessly to bring you the best football betting tips. This particular article will focus on the very basics.

What is 1X2 betting?

This market is one of the most popular forms of soccer betting. It is also often referred to as Full Time Result, Match Betting, or the Three-Way bet.

Simply put, you’re just betting on who will be the final winner of a football match. The reason it’s called “1X2” is because of the three options you have with 1X2 betting:

  1. Betting that the home team will win (1).
  2. Betting that the match will end in a draw (X).
  3. Betting that the away team will win (2).

As indicated, the numbers refer to which of the two teams you will bet on, while the “X” simply represents the option of a draw.

How does a 1X2 bet work?

No matter which of these three options you chose, the bet will win only if the outcome of the match is what you predicted. 1X2 betting odds work pretty much the same as with any other market – the less likely an outcome is to happen, the bigger your potential winnings.

There are some ways to change the basic 1X2 market, however. Let’s go over some of them:

  • Double Chance. Essentially, this market is a modified 1X2 bet which includes the bettor predicting 2 of the 3 options. For example, you can bet that a match will end in either a home win or a draw. Of course, covering more possibilities increase your chances of winning and as such lower the betting odds.
  • There are several such betting types, the most popular of which is the 1X2 Asian Handicap. A handicap basically levels the playing field between the team more likely to win and the underdog. Of course, betting odds are adjusted accordingly. There’s a lot more to this, so make sure to check out Bet Guru VIP’s Asian Handicap guide.
  • Draw No Bet. As the name might imply, this market simply nulls the bet in the event of a draw. A null bet means that the bettor’s stake is fully returned to them.

We also want to add that, due to this betting type’s relative simplicity, 1X2 accumulators are a popular option among punters who are looking for riskier bets and bigger profits. If you want to read more about Accumulator bets, make sure to read this guide.

This is why 1×2 betting tips are the most common tips in the betting world. Many 1×2 betting site like releases its 1×2 predictions after doing their research. While many dont come with high accuracy, we have shown through our betting history that our 1×2 betting tips comes with very high hit rate.

1X2 Betting Strategy

Being one of the easiest markets to understand, almost all strategies are applicable to 1X2 football betting in one form or another.

This offers a lot of flexibility. If you need some more concrete ideas about how to win 1X2 bets, there are numerous football betting strategies throughout the Bet Guru VIP website. We recommend carefully going through all of them to get a clear picture.

We’d also like to point out Bet Guru VIP’s 1X2 betting tips, which can further help you figure out which matches to bet on 1X2.

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